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Steering Committee

  • Chair - Dr. Berber Vlieg-Boerstra PhD, RD (The Netherlands)
  • Vice-Chair and Membership - Dr. Carina Venter PhD, RD (UK)
  • Secretary - Dr. Isabel Skypala PhD,RD (UK)
  • Treasurer - Julie Nordlee MSc (USA)
  • Webmaster - Dr. Rosan Meyer PhD,RD (France)
  • Education Officer - Dr. Nicolette de Jong PhD (The Netherlands) and Dr. Kirsi Laitinen PhD, RD (Finland)
  • Research - Kate Grimshaw MSc,RD (UK) and Debbie Palmer PhD RD (Australia)
  • Resources - Marion Groetch MSc,RD (USA) and Tanya Wright MSc,RD (UK)
  • Europe representatives - Dr. Jenny van Odijk PhD,RD (Sweden) and Jetta Tuokola MSc,RD (Finland)
  • Africa Representatives - Karen Horsburg MSc,RD (South Africa)
  • USA Representative - Lynn Christie MSc,RD (USA)
  • Asia/Pacific Representatives - Dr. Anne Swain PhD,RD (Australia) and Dr Christine Crooks PhD,Registered Nutritionist (New Zealand)
For information on how to become a committee member, please e-mail info@indana-allergynetwork.org